I know exactly which crime we can fake..

Psych Still Needs More Help & Viewers!


Thank-you to all the #Psych-Os who watched #PsychRemake live last Wednesday! We managed to climb up a bit in ratings and trended during the east coast airing! But Psych is still struggling with the new crap timeslot at 9PM! I saw FAR too many Psych-Os say they couldn’t…

♫The key is that I’m in too deep to turn back now
So I tell these lies
Under Santa Barbara skies♫

Gus's Names


Just if you were wondering all of burton gusters names:
Each time the character is introduced, a different alias is used.
See all
Die Harder,
Felicia Fancybottom,
Ground Control,
Bighead Burton,
Big Baby Burton,
Burton the Billowy Bear,

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